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It ends tonight

If you're in Pullman this evening, there is still one more Cougar basketball game left for you to attend.

I'm talking about the WSU women's basketball team taking on the hated Washington Huskies tonight at 7:00 in Beasley Coliseum.

It's a chance for June Daugherty to end the ridiculous streak that she is in large part responsible for. The Dawgs have won 27 straight games against WSU. That dates back to 1995. Clinton was president.

But tonight, the conditions are right for change. Despite beating the Cougars by 13 earlier this season, Washington is a Pac-10 worst 2-15 in conference. WSU has four conference wins and will be saying goodbye to a group of seniors that have stuck with the Cougars even in some of the program's darkest days.

I want this streak to end. The time has come.

Tickets are $1. Small price to pay for witnessing, perhaps, a benchmark win for June Daugherty's program.

Be there.