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Post Game: Disgusting

Foul trouble on Klay, while Overton is grabbing jersey every play?


Where was Marcus Capers in the second half?

Way too much Nik.  The Huskies knew EXACTLY who to leave open on the floor.

As a Coug fan, nothing annoys me more than the Huskies winning things.  Especially considering how good our teams have been the last two years and we had no shot at the title because UCLA was an absolute powerhouse.  Not to take too much away from UW though, they were clearly the best team during conference play this year.

Taylor and Baynes were fantastic.  We were clearly the better team when Klay Thompson was on the floor (BigWood has his +/- at +29!).

Tony did what frustrated us so much earlier in the year. He stuck with the "senior" line-up down the stretch, going with TR, Forrest, Klay, Baynes, and Nik.  Why Nik was on the floor down the stretch in favor of Capers, I have no idea.

I took a shower before the game, but I may need to take another one, because I feel gross.