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Player of the Game: Taylor Rochestie. 23 points (8/20, 3/8) with 4 assists, and a gutsy second half performance. The five turnovers weren't good, but an overall solid performance when we needed one.

Unsung hero: Aron Baynes. Forget the 18 rebounds Jon Brockman had; Baynes made the Senior an offensive non-factor on Senior Day in Seattle (7 points). Baynes snatched 11 rebounds of his own, to go with 16 points on 4 of 5 shooting (8 of 10 FTs). He got a fair amount of touches in this one, but it still wasn't enough.

Play of the Game: Tough choice here, but I'm going with the Taylor Rochestie three to bring the game to 58-56 with 4:27 remaining. Incredibly (although not a huge surprise), it would be our last field goal of the game.

It was over when... Isaiah Thomas made a lay-in to give the Huskies a six point lead with 1:51 remaining.

Stat of the Game: The Huskies outrebounded the Cougars 36-29.

Incompetent Quote of the Game: "We all have learning methods. Some are more visionary learners." -Lorenzo Romar. You'd think the vastly superior University of Washington education Lorenzo Romar received would've taught him the word is visual.