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1953: A retrospective

Proof that Wikipedia is more informative than Fox Sports Net:

Horrible things that happened in 1953:

  • An Earthquake kills 250 in Turkey
  • A tornado kills 114 people in Waco, Texas. A separate one kills 115 in Flint, Michigan
  • Truman announces the U.S. has developed a Hydrogen bomb
  • The North Sea Flood kills 1,835 in the Netherlands
  • Flooding in Japan kills an estimated 2,566
  • The Washington Huskies win an outright conference title

Awesome things that happened in 1953:

  • Watson and Crick discover the structure of DNA
  • Stalin dies
  • Ian Fleming publishes the first James Bond novel
  • Hillary and Norgay become the first to summit Mount Everest
  • The Korean War ends
  • The first issue of Playboy was issued.
  • The FCC approves color television
  • The Washington Huskies lose in the NCAA basketball tournament

Now if only someone would tell me what the cost of gas was in 1953...