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THE MORNING PAPER: Bone meets with Thames, plus football, track and baseball

Happy Easter! We normally do these kinds of features on gamedays with all the previews and such, but yesterday was a heavy news day in Coug land. So let's get to it.

First, Bud Withers at The Seattle Times is reporting Ken Bone and Ben Johnson flew to Sacramento to meet with Xavier Thames, and while details are light, it sounds at first blush as if things went well:

"It went really good," Thames said. "[Bone] was a really good guy, a funny guy, cracking jokes. I enjoyed myself."

Thames said he would decide within a few days whether to follow through on his letter of intent. "I just want to compete in the Pac-10," he said.

If by "compete" he meant "play," that would make this whole song and dance a little silly. I'm guessing he means compete for a championship, and if that's the case, I don't see how his chances are any worse with Bone than they were with Tony Bennett.

There also was the first scrimmage of spring football yesterday, and what a show it was for the runningbacks. Dwight Tardy, Logwone Mitz and James Montgomery all had sterling moments, flashing the depth the Cougs hope to use to execute a Stanford-like turnaround next season.

However, it's tough to say what this really means -- the first offense went against the second defense, and vice versa. Still, the biggest thing we were lacking last year was talent on the field, and it sounds like if our line can do even a serviceable job next year, we might be able to move the ball on the ground by consistently rotating in fresh legs who all have different strengths.

This next one is for you SW WA Coug. Following the theme of extended features on our new coach for Sunday papers, Times columnist Steve Kelley checks in with this excellent, excellent piece on Bone. He takes a little different tack than Grippi, putting the Seattle spin on it and talking extensively with former assistants. Definitely worth a read.

Jeshua Anderson is still fast. He wasn't kidding when he said he was still working himself into track shape, as he won his second consecutive race and lowered his season best time in the process, again blowing away the field in the 400-meter hurdles at the UCLA Jackie Joyner-Kersee track meet. The next closest runner was more than two seconds behind.

Baseball is getting a reality check in Tempe. While the start to the Pac-10 season was nice, the Sun Devils continue to show the Cougs who is boss, pounding WSU 11-1 yesterday.