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Coug baseball earns first WSU victory over a #1 in seven years

(Note:  I wanted to call this weekly WSU baseball update "Out of Left Field," but three seconds of Google research enlightened me to the fact that there is not only a sports blog by the same name, but a feminist blog as well.  So the column will be nameless for now...)

Clearly affected by the mysterious shining orb in the sky, the Coug baseball team were befuddled for two consecutive games against the #1 ranked ASU Sun Devils.  The parkas and snowshoes the players had packed, which had given them a distinct advantage in their previous series victory in Pullman, seemed to help very little against the vaunted ASU team.  After the second game had ended, the Cougars found themselves with a two game losing streak by a combine 24-4 score.

But when Donnie's boys were all but counted out, they came storming back.  Aided by an overnight shipment of cleats, short sleeve t-shirts, and something the locals called "sunglasses," the Cougs used their David Eckstien-esque toughness and grittyness to salvage the third and final game of the series by a 10-4 final tally.

Wazzu was able to win with a tough-as-nails first career start from reshirt freshman David Stilley a gritty-as-sandpaper four innings in relief from junior Jeremy Johnson.  Fellow junior Michael Weber was able to break a 4-4 tie in the eighth with a solo homerun.  The Cougs added 5 more in the ninth to produce the final margin.

WSU now sits at 15-15 overall and 5-4 in Pac 10 play.

The victory over a #1 team was the first for any WSU team since the Elite Eight bound Coug volleyball team defeated Stanford in 2002.


Player of the Game:  Michael Weber.  2 for 5 with a homer and four ribeyes.


Story to tell the Grandbabies Moment of the Game: WSU Freshman David Stilley making his first career start against the #1 team in the country.


The Cougs will resume play at the hated Gonzaga Bulldogs on Tuesday.