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Top 10 Cougar Plays: #10

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February 26th: Taylor Rochestie throws a ball up in the air...

CF.C Exclusive video from Cougfan TV on Vimeo.

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Oh - I almost forgot to mention that Aron Baynes catches the ball in mid-air and performs what the kids these days are calling a "slam dunk".

The way WSU fell apart against Arizona in their first meeting, very few were expecting a win in the second contest. Even fewer were predicting the dismantling the Cougs would perform on the future Sweet 16 team.

In retrospect, the greatest run of the Cougars' season was the road win at UCLA, followed by the dramatic home sweep of the Arizona schools. This game was right in the middle of those three. It was one of many contests that made you shake your head at the early season losses and wonder "What if...".

There were times when WSU looked dominant last season. There were stretches of games where the Cougs acted like a tournament team; flashes where they played as well as any of your AP Top 25. It was consistency - baseball Hall of Famer Joe Morgan's favorite word - that ultimately did us in. The Cougs just couldn't bring this level of play every single night.

In the end you have to look back and enjoy the nights where the Cougars were unstoppable. This night, or when they played any mid-major team not named Gonzaga, or any game against Oregon. Or, if you're going to dwell on the disappointing moments, at least take solace in the fact that we're losing the coach who was in large part responsible for them.

Of course, it's not like we would've traded away Tony Bennett. Let's face it - we'd gladly do it all again if we had to.