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Do people care about this as much as we think they do?

One other thing. I'm starting to wonder just how many people are really, really upset about this move. Sometimes, we make sweeping conclusions from a vocal minority. Let me throw a few CougCenter stats at you:

Page Views Unique Visitors Comments on Posts
March 30
Tony Bennett resigns
7,217 2,640 324
April 16
Apple Cup to Qwest
1,956 1,110 277


The conclusion I draw? While the people who care about this Apple Cup move care about it passionately, the number of people who truly care about it might not be as numerous as we think. I liken it to when a very vocal minority couldn't stand Alex Brink, yet it always seemed like the crowd at the games was generally behind him. I think most Coug fans didn't dislike him as much as we all thought.

Because this move is all about money, I think the question here becomes whether the people who pump the money into the program are the ones passionately upset about this move. While I know that some of the people who have commented here are season ticket holders, I'm pretty sure most of us aren't, and I'm relatively certain that none of us are the big ticket donors. So I guess we won't truly know the fallout from this until those people speak with their wallets.

Just some food for thought.