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Oh no

Can you match the following overly excitable and exclamation-filled Twitter tweets with the correct head coach? Your choices are Steve Sarkisian and Paul Wulff. (Mascots and other information redacted to preserve the integrity of the exam.)

  1. "Heading out to practice! Go _________!"
  2. "Another great day here in _________, WA! GO _________!"
  3. "Check out this great day here in  _________. Hope to see you at practice today. GO  _________!"
  4. "Looking forward to having a great practice today and preparing for Saturday's scrimmage!"
  5. "Heading into a staff meeting! Going to plan out the Women's Huddle! GO   _________"
  6. "Enjoy your Sunday. Our last week of Spring Ball is this week. Hope to see you out there. GO  _________!"
  7. "Heading into a staff meeting! Looking forward to an upbeat practice in the sun today! GO   _________!"
  8. "Happy Birthday to a Great    _________   _________   _________! GO    _________!"

Take your guesses in the comments. Answers later. (And no cheating! I'm a teacher -- I always know who cheats ...)