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THE MORNING PAPER: Spring football, Gibson PLUS watch Cougar baseball live today

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Western Washington as I watch a bunch of over-caffienated slo-pitch softball players battle for a world tournament berth (laptops with wireless cards are a wonderful thing), and there's a smattering of Cougar news out there this morning.

The Cougs wrapped up spring practices yesterday with a "scrimmage," although not along the lines of the Crimson and Gray games we became accustomed to under Price and Doba. The scrimmage lasted just under an hour, thanks to all the injuries, and was dominated by the defense. Naturally, Paul Wulff's emphasis was on improving, and he thinks the Cougs did that during spring drills. (Although, has there ever been a head coach who didn't think his team improved during spring practice?) You can read the full details from Grippi here.

As expected, the first two rounds of the NFL draft passed without Brandon Gibson being selected. He should hear his name called at some point today, although exactly when is debatable. We're into the fourth round now, and Gibson's still waiting. There was a crazy run of wide receivers in the third round (including a pick that likely means Gibson isn't coming to Seattle), but I have no idea what that actually means for Gibson's prospects. Could he move up out of a team's need? We'll see.

If you haven't seen the baseball team yet, today's your lucky day. Somebody is streaming today's game against USC live over at at noon. Here's your direct link. They have split the first two games with the Trojans to return to second place, so today looms rather large.

EDIT, 10:32 a.m.: As pointed out by Craig in the comments, the game will also be live on FSN. He's going to put up a game thread later today for those of us watching, so look for that. 

EDIT, 11:30 am:  Dancing Football here, stick with  I was misinformed, FSN will not broadcasting this one.

Last, if you're into track, a couple of Cougs turned in good performances yesterday -- freshmen Courtney Kirkwood and Jennifer Hamilton posted NCAA regional qualify marks in the javelin.

We'll be back when news of Gibson breaks.