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BREAKING: Gibson to the Eagles

After a long wait, Brandon Gibson was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles with the 194th overall pick.  Gibson was the second wide receiver drafted by the Eagles, who also took Jeremy Maclin of Missouri with the 19th overall selection.

This could be a good situation for Brandon.  A quick check at the roster shows that there will be an opportunity for Gibson to make a splash and get on the field.  Philadelphia throws the ball about as much as any team in the league, and Donovan McNabb is not too shabby when all his limbs are intact.

Gibson was pegged to be a third/fourth rounder last year before he decided to return for his senior season.  The wide receiver class was very deep this year (Sammie Stroughter is still on the board!) and that hurt Gibson's draft stock.

I have no doubt that the Philadelphia Eagles' coaching staff will love what they are getting in Brandon, both on and off the field.

And here is grainy, cell phone video of the play of Gibson's career:

Cougs win Apple Cup '07 - Winning Touchdown (via thscott)