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Top 10 Cougar Plays: #7

February 21st: Taylor Rochestie makes a one-handed putback against UCLA

Play in question occurs at the 1:37 mark of the video:

We will have more from this game later, so allow me to drop in some random thoughts:

  • Bonus points to Taylor for (sort of) beating Darren Collison off the dribble. That's something I will never be able to do in my lifetime.
  • That shot is truly ridiculous. The view from the floor helps me appreciate it even more than when I originally saw it on FSN.
  • Hat tip to KXLY, the ABC affiliate in Spokane, for the video. But if you watch the whole video.... waaaaay too much hyperbole in this highlight reel. Alfred Aboya "eats the whole wheel of cheese?" C'mon, KXLY, just because you can't have Bud Nameck do both the play-by-play and the highlights doesn't mean you can phone in your metaphors. I fully expected a "boom goes the dynamite", but it never came.
  • The more you know: The fine folks at KXLY did remind me that despite 15 in the first half, Klay Thompson never scored in the second. And we still won.
  • Let's take a minute to reflect on how incredibly insane this game was. First off, it was a game in the Tony Bennett era that ended 82-81. That alone would be enough, but then Rochestie had to go ahead and score a career-high 33. Against UCLA. On the road.
  • The Cougs shot 58.8% in this game. They eFG'd 66.7%. Against UCLA. On the road.

My goodness. We may never see another game as improbable as this one.

And I loved it.