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Cougs land first recruit of Bone era - former Beach star Reggie Moore

When David Chadwick was granted his release from his letter of intent after Ken Bone's hiring, I said Bone likely wouldn't just go out and get a body to fill the spot, figuring he'd keep that scholarship in his back pocket to go get someone that could be considered one of "his guys" in the 2010 recruiting class.

Apparently, he found his guy a lot faster than I thought he would.

Cougfan is reporting (as is's Jeff Goodman -- thanks, BuffZag) that Brewster Academy point guard Reggie Moore has committed to the Cougs, spurning Iowa State, Oregon, Memphis and potentially even UCLA in the process. The 6-foot-1, 178-pound Moore is rated at 87 by (for reference, Brock Motum is at 89 and Xavier Thames is at 88) and was a three-star recruit at the end of his senior year, according to

And, yes -- he's from Seattle's Rainier Beach H.S.

(Let the "Ken-Bone-is-going-to-successfully-recruit-the-Seattle-area" lovefest start ... now!)

Before getting into what he'll bring to the team, check out Moore's story -- it's an interesting one. He originally committed to Fresno State and signed a letter during the early signing period of senior year in 2007-08, but then buzz like this started circulating:

December, 2007: Moore (Fresno State signee) was the best point guard at this event and clearly demonstrated why he should have been recruited at the Pac-10 level. He has the ideal size, skill and savvy to play at the highest level of college basketball.

Moore had a huge senior year, eventually being named the 3A state player of the year by the Associated Press. Convinced he belonged at a higher level of competition, he asked out of his letter. Fresno State said no way, so Moore up and took his game to a prep school in New Hampshire for a year.

According to, he began making campus visits earlier this month, visiting Oregon about two weeks ago and Iowa State a few days later. But apparently WSU captured his heart over this past weekend (with Cougfan reporting it was DeAngelo Casto who made the difference), and the Cougs landed the verbal.

So what kind of a player are we getting? On its face, signing another guard seems a little strange, since we're already beyond loaded at that position. But what we've got is a lot of guys who you'd consider either shooting guards or combo guards, leaving us with a clear need for a pass-first guy -- especially in a system that values attacking the defense and finding the open man quickly.

Whether Moore is yet another combo guard or the pure point guard we all are lusting after depends on which evaluation you believe. The thing to remember about these evaluations is that they're often one-shot deals at a game or tournament by different guys -- they're not poring over dozens of games:

  • Summer 2007: "He is more of a combo-guard rather than a true point."
  • December 2007: "He is a true point guard (hard to come by nowadays) as he sets up his teammates first before looking for his own shot."
  • October 2008: "He really likes to use his penetration to set up other players for scoring chances first, then, he looks for his own offense second."
  • February 2008: "Moore has the ability to score in a variety of ways and seems most comfortable playing as a scoring point guard, instead of as a traditional pass-first lead guard."

Confusing? I don't think so. Here's why: Any guy who is athletic and talented enough in high school can appear to be best suited as a combo guard and can, in fact, take that role at any time. But it takes a special guy to not only transition into a pass-first mode, but pull it off to the degree that someone paid to evaluate players would classify you as a "true point guard." For that reason, I think he absolutely can be the pass-first point guard we all covet.

There are two things about his evaluations, however, that have me more excited than anything else.

First, he is repeatedly described as someone who can consistently penetrate and either pass the ball or finish at the rim. I don't need to tell all of you just how much of a deficiency that was for this team a year ago. Second, time and again he's described as a leader -- someone who "has a good temperament for the point guard slot, keeping his cool and leading his team even when things do not go in the positive direction."

That's the kind of guy I want with the ball in his hands on my team.

One final thing. Bone has been on the job 22 days. Just three weeks and a day. And in that time, he convinced the linchpin of WSU's defensive philosophy to stay on as an assistant coach, convinced three of the four 2009 recruits to follow through on their commitments and come to WSU, and convinced a Seattle-area recruit -- who reportedly had offers from Washington, Iowa State, Oregon and Cal and who UCLA reportedly wanted to take Jrue Holiday's spot if he stays in the draft -- to come to Pullman.

Let that sink in for a minute, then go find another Coug to high five.

Check out some video of Moore from his senior year at Beach by clicking on the link below. He's number 44 in orange in this much-ballyhooed matchup with Franklin's Peyton Siva, an eventual McDonald's all-American.