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Scholarship Chart Updated

Sometimes it pays to procrastinate.

In this case, it paid to wait a month on updating the basketball scholarship chart in this, the post-Tony Bennett era.

Because I waited until today, I don't have to delete former de-commit Patrick Simon. Plus, all I had to do with our freshmen is replace the name  "Chadwick" with "Moore". The only issue I'm still having is getting the grid behind the chart to reappear. I'm working on it.

Now, I still have Fabian Boeke's name up there, even though I'm fully aware he may not receive medical clearance. However, until we get the official word, he's still a Cougar.

Speaking of Cougars, let's thank Google text ads for properly seeking out our target demographic. I'm talking, of course, about those of you out there who are interested in older women. Older women who are mothers, more specifically. Click on the image below for the shocking visual evidence:


I like how they capitalized "Milf", as if it's a proper noun or something.