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EA Sports sued over using athletes' likenesses

Try not to laugh too hard when you read this part of the story:

The lawsuit claims Electronic Arts, the NCAA and Collegiate Licensing Co. conspired to circumvent the association’s rules and violated the players’ rights to control and profit from the use of their names and likenesses. It seeks to recoup profits from the games for the players and seizure of games that infringe on athletes’ rights. ...

The NCAA denied that athletes’ images were used in the games.

“Our agreement with EA Sports clearly prohibits the use of names and pictures of current student-athletes in their electronic games,” said Stacey Osburn, a spokeswoman for Indianapolis, Indiana-based NCAA. “We are confident that no such use has occurred and that we will ultimately be dismissed from this lawsuit.”

Yeah, you definitely can't tell which player is which in the game, and it's definitely not a selling point of the game that you get to play with your favorite players on your favorite team ...