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Adam Morrison is back, and this time, he's.... shaved his head


[Hat tip to all-purpose blog Just South of North, and ABC I guess]

Adam Morrison, pictured above in casual Friday attire (Extra hint: he's the white guy), is reverting back to his Mead High School days with the time-honored buzzcut. Only unlike high school he still has that mustache. Now he just looks like a 1920s gangster, which I'm certain is actually cool-looking in L.A.

Not Coug-related, I know, but I'm putting together some fine pieces for the upcoming weeks, complete with the statistical nerdiness you've come to expect from CougCenter. Just wait until I have a day off, which I think my next one is around August 17th (including weekends!).

Now if we could only get Adam to tattoo the state of Washington on his face.

Also, Orlando, I'm no basketball expert, but you might want to put a taller man on that one guy that's made 2,345 clutch shots in his career.