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Jeshua Anderson: Champion again

Like Barack Obama's march to the White House in November, there are some things that mere mortals just don't stand a chance of stopping.

Things like Jeshua Anderson in the 400-meter hurdles.

Anderson successfully defended his NCAA title tonight, lowering his school record time in the event to 49.28 48.47 seconds despite fighting a sore hamstring and not clearing the ninth hurdle cleanly.

"I need to work on my alternate leg more but my coaches said to come off of hurdle eight and try to run through it. Hopefully it looked better but that one was nasty. My legs are tired but all of this has been a blessing. I'm happy to be here and I thank God. I know Dutch was on me the whole time and we've been going at it since last year and I'm looking forward to years to come."

Anderson never ceases to amaze me. He runs one full lap around a track ... jumping over stuff ... in less than 50 seconds. Ridiculous.

Congrats again to Anderson, who continues to make all of us Cougs proud.