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Is Hicks finally out of chances?

So, it appears Xavier Hicks is at it again. The guy slated to be your starting strong safety in the fall reportedly had his fourth run-in with the law on Monday, again for driving with a suspended license.

One has to wonder when this guy is going to be out of chances. Much was made of what he learned from his mistake with the rubbing-alcohol-in-the-contacts idea, and how hard he worked to regain his teammates' trust. No, he didn't commit DUI, or get arrested for stealing stuff, or assault anyone. But driving around Pullman -- a small town with an extensive bus system that students can ride for free -- with a suspended license is just plain dumb.

Raise your hand if you've ever been arrested once. A few of you? OK, keep your hand up if you've been arrested twice. Still some? Now, keep it up if you've been arrested four times. This is what I'm driving at.

As a high school teacher, I always tell my friends and colleagues that I can deal with the big mistake a kid makes, the big blow up. What I have a harder time dealing with is repeated disruptions and/or repeated incompetence. Sometimes, the little stuff piles up to much bigger than the big stuff. And this is as good an example of that as any.

The sports information department has said they're aware of the latest arrest, and that the matter has been turned over to the unity council. The fact that Wulff isn't intervening himself might be a bit of a sign of how seriously the team views this.

Hat tip to WSU Football Blog.