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Top 10 Cougar Plays: The Recap

Had this been any other year, the Top 10 Cougar Plays would have been welcome filler material during the doldrums of spring. But this wasn't just any other year. First, Benedict Arnold Tony Bennett jumped ship, followed by the inevitable hiring of Captain Awesome Ken Bone, followed immediately with a magical run for our tradition-steeped baseball team to the postseason. Quite the Spring indeed. I did my best to scatter your Top 10 Cougar basketball plays of the year throughout the big stories, but you the reader may have missed out on one or two. Understandable.

So now, for those that missed a play, or just like some dramatic buildup prior to our final two plays, here is the recap, complete with links to the plays in question:

#10 - Rochestie to Baynes alley-oopage

#9 - The Play before The Shot

#8 - Forrest en fuego

#7 - The Rochestie one-handed putback

#6 - Harmeling, for the tie

#5 - The shot that introduced America to the green warm-up jersey

#4 - Baynes. For three.

#3 - Taylor cuts down the trees

What play takes number one? Better yet, which play takes home number two since it should be pretty obvious what play number one is? Can we possibly draw out the suspense any longer?

All these questions, and more, will be answered. Shortly.