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2009 MLB DRAFT: Cougar player thread

In about an hour, Major League Baseball will kick off it's annual First-Year Player Draft, which essentially encompasses high school and college players in the United States (and its territories) and Canada. A number of Cougs stand to be drafted over the course of the next three days -- MLB has expanded the timeline of the draft in an apparent effort to build interest -- including Matt Way, Alex Burg and Jeremy Johnson, among others.

Today's portion of the draft will cover the first three rounds and their attendant compensation rounds. I suppose there's a chance that Way could go today, but odds are better that you'll see him and the others Cougs drafted on Wednesday and Thursday.

If one of them does get drafted today, we'll update this post with their selection. Either way, consider this your spot to talk about the draft in general, including what you think of the Mariners' pick -- likely to be North Carolina superstud Dustin Ackley.