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CougCenter Podcast: Episode 1

Just remember, you asked for it!

Here's our first attempt at a podcast, and I gotta say -- I think it actually turned out reasonably well, despite being about twice as long as we anticipated (about 24 minutes). Grady, Craig and I discuss the quarterback situation, whether Paul Wulff is actually on the hot seat, and other things -- including whether the Huskies can actually realistically get to six wins.

How you want to listen is up to you. There's an embedded player below, and you can also download the file by using right-click/save on this link. (If you've got QuickTime installed, you should also be able to listen to it by just clicking on the link).

We've also submitted it to iTunes for their podcast directory, but it's not showing up yet, so if you want to add the subscription in iTunes you'll have to do it manually by adding this feed: (Here's a good tutorial on how to do that; long, but thorough.)

After you listen, we're really interested in your feedback. Is it too long? Just right? Interesting? Boring? Give us suggestions for improvement -- just be gentle ... it's our first time.

Two things we already know

  1. The sound quality isn't great, because the software we're using basically functions like a conference call. Easy to record and distribute, which is what's important for now. We might try to do better in the future, but that's the way it's going to stay for now with the three of us spread across the country.
  2. I know I mispronounced Lobbestael's name about 10 times. Thanks for not pointing that one out anymore. (I guess I have to go easy on the guys at FSN for a while now.)