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And now, the AP poll

Pac-10 notables, with the coaches' poll ranking in parenthesis:

4. USC (4)
12. California (12)
16. Oregon (14)

Also receiving votes:

26. Oregon State (25)
38. Arizona
43. UCLA

I was waiting for some idiot out there to list the Huskies on their ballot, but amazingly no one did it. Not that anyone would have ever been stupid enough to vote for the soon-to-be 0-12 Huskies last fall.

And poor Oregon State, who falls victim to the mediagasm that is the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. I'd feel sorry for them, but since it's supposed to be them constantly stuck at the bottom of the conference, and not us, I don't.

Polls are all about rewarding the traditional powers, with the little guys (save your occasional Boise State or MWC team) tossed aside in wait. And yet, sadly, it used to be us inside that Top 10.