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Video abounds on a Tuesday

Major league hat tip to Danzig, a community member famous for his video montages over at our Cal SBN brethren, California Golden Blogs, for this piece of video awesomeness (which I first saw this morning over at WSU Football Blog).

It's the first extended look I've gotten at James Montgomery, and I've got to say -- it's not exactly what I expected.

That's not a bad thing; I had just always gotten the impression that Montgomery was more of a burner, but this video shows him as more of a tough, between-the-tackles runner. And that is beyond fantastic, because when you're not playing behind a dominant line (which he's clearly not), a runner has to figure out ways to get extra yards. That Montgomery shows a penchant in this video for refusing to go down on initial contact is nothing but encouraging.

Check it out:

Danzig gives a brief scouting report over at WSUFB, too. If that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.

I do know, however, what probably doesn't get you excited these days -- more talk about USC winning the Pac-10. Still, ESPN had a couple of Pac-10 preview pieces today, so I figured I'd pass them along if you're interested. Ted Miller's piece is pretty good.

Those videos are after the jump.

Ted Miller:

Musberger and Herbstreit: