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Andy Roof: CWU could beat UW and WSU

Looking for a good laugh this Thursday afternoon? Have a look at these comments from ex-Coug Andy Roof -- now at Central Washington -- courtesy of The Associated Press:

"I think this program is the best program in Washington right now," he said. "I think if we played Eastern [Washington], we'd win. I think we'd kick ... WSU. ... I think UW, them and WSU are pretty comparable. I think we'd beat them, too. I really feel that way."

I'm glad Andy has found a home at Central, and that he's getting his life back on track, and that he likes his teammates. But c'mon.

If you need to laugh even harder, feel free to read the comments on the story, or the comments at this D-II message board. Kind of reminds me of when I convinced myself that this was actually possible last year. Sometimes as fans, we're just delusional.

Needless to say, this will be a topic of conversation on our next podcast -- coming your way tonight. But you can feel free to discuss your feelings below.

H/T to Grady for passing this along to me.