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Monday's positivity post

It's darn hard not to get real negative after what transpired on Saturday. We should know -- we've already gone there in an effort to vent our frustrations.

With that, I'm going to try to post one positive I saw from the game each day this week. I'm pretty sure I can do it.

First up today: Jared Karstetter.


Yes, that guy.

I mentioned that what I'd be looking for going into the game was some evidence that someone among our wide receivers could be counted on to be a playmaker. And while Karstetter might not be there yet, it's clear he's on the verge of being a pretty darn good receiver -- if he's not there already.

He's big (6-foot-4, tallest among WRs), he's physical (205 pounds, heaviest among WRs), and I think he's more athletic than people give him credit for -- that jump ball in the end zone against Stanford being a fantastic example.

Yes, he fumbled twice. But to fumble twice, you've got to be open and catch the ball, and he was a favorite target of the QBs early on. Both times he fumbled, he was running with the ball after the catch and ostensibly was trying to do too much in a game in a game that was spiraling out of control. (There's some irony there, no?)

Karstetter received his consequence, getting benched for the remainder of the game. That might discourage some guys going forward, but this is a guy who was forced into action long before he was ready as a true freshman, and he battled through a lot last year when he shouldn't have even been on the field. He'll do the same after this latest challenge.

Jared Karstetter, Monday's positivity post honoree.