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AUDIO: Paul Wulff talks about the QB decision(s)

Now, for the audio you've all been waiting for: Paul Wulff explaining what the heck is going on with the quarterback situation. (Among other things.)

After listening to it, my interpretation of the situation is this: They feel Marshall Lobbestael has shown some things and deserves a shot to play in a game when not down by two touchdowns, and that Jeff Tuel has shown tremendous maturity and potential, and since no one has grabbed the QB job, why not give him a shot? It'll make him better in the future to play now.

Honestly, it sounds as if you're just going to see Lobbestael and Tuel on Saturday unless something goes drastically wrong. Wulff made it clear that they just need more from the QB position, and -- as they do with every other position -- they're going to try and get it wherever they can possibly get it.

Interestingly, while it seems to outside observers that Kevin Lopina has been more effective leading the offense than Lobbestael, he said there are things that aren't easily observable to the layperson, implying that Lopina is missing things that he wants his quarterback to do.

There's a lot of other stuff in there, too -- about 20 minutes worth.

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