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Tuesday's positivity post

You know, this whole positivity thing is going to be real tough if Wulff insists on continuing to make decisions that most of us think are wrong.

Anyway, back to Saturday's game. The second positive I took away?

We actually generated some turnovers -- four of them, to be exact.

Most people have framed Saturday's game in the context of, "Geez, if Hawaii hadn't given the ball away all those times, we would've lost like 70-0." Which is probably true.

However, I think it's weird how we are so quick to blame the offense, and not give credit to the defense, for turnovers. Unless there's a fumbled snap or a botched handoff, the defense almost always has a hand in making a turnover happen.

So, while our defense did a buttload of bending in the second half, you have to give them credit for generally avoiding breaking.

Those four turnovers forced? About one third of the total of all of last year (13).

The Cougar defense forcing turnovers, your Tuesday positivity post honoree!