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The totally unfounded speculative theory thread

In my post on the quarterback change yesterday, I posed a rhetorical question: "What the heck is going on over there?"

The reality is, none of us knows. Heck, I've been trying to read the tea leaves on the quarterback situation for a month, and just last week I said that Kevin Lopina was their guy and that Marshall Lobbestael was really going to have to come grab the job if he wanted it. Well, Lobbestael didn't do anything to grab it, and he's going to start. And true freshman Jeff Tuel is going to play and burn his redshirt. Oh, and Lopina is now the third stringer and probably won't play at all.

See what I mean? We just truly have no clue what the coaches are thinking, despite our best efforts to interpret what's out there for public consumption.

But! That doesn't mean we can't have some fun speculating -- as long as we all remember that's just what it is.

So, here's your thread to speculate away. Interpret for us, oh wise ones, why these decisions are being made -- specifically the quarterback situation. Here's my completely unfounded theory:

Paul Wulff and Co. are starting to feel some heat behind closed doors. I don't think it's a ton, but just enough that they're starting to wonder if they're going to get past next year if the team doesn't improve dramatically between now and Novermber 2010.

With quarterback being the most important position on the field, he came to the conclusion after two games that all of us did before camp started: It's in this team's best interest to prepare for 2010, and that means figuring out who the quarterback is going to be for that year by helping him mature in 2009.

Their worst nightmare would be going into next year not knowing whether Tuel can play and having to make a decision between him and Lobbestael. So, they're going to play him and Marshall now so they can see Tuel against legitimate competition -- not just the WSU secondary during camp, which made Lopina look all world this year -- and decide if he's really ready to take over the reins next year.

Let's hear yours. And I'll just go ahead and say that since this is the "totally unfounded speculative theory thread," I'll be just a little disappointed if we don't get some highly creative and/or entertaining theories.