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Jeshua Anderson quits team to focus on track

Per Grippi:

Some more big news out of WSU. It looks like Jeshua Anderson has decided to forgo his football career to concentrate on track full-time, which means he’s made the choice, two weeks into the season, to pull away from football. After spending a couple weeks mending a hamstring strain – something that also plagued him during track season – Anderson was stepping up, having caught four passes for 66 yards, a 16.5 average. Talking with Anderson earlier in the year, he said he thought a lot over the summer about dedicating himself to track, but after talking with his family, he decided to play another season. It seems like he’s changed his mind.

I understand Anderson has a hugely bright career in front of him in the world of track -- he's nearly world class there, while he's a mediocre college receiver -- but man, no matter what Anderson's reasoning, this sure looks like him jumping off a sinking ship.

Honestly, I started to wonder about him a bit on Saturday. I saw lots of head shaking when balls weren't thrown his way, and you have to wonder if he just reached a point where the risk to his track career of playing football -- especially with the nagging hamstring injury -- became too much considering this is a team heading nowhere.

Whatever his reason, I wish he just wouldn't have put everyone through this song and dance in the first place. What would have made the risk worth it? Four wins? Six wins? Eight wins? I don't want to pass judgment too soon, but when you make a commitment to a team, there's only one way breaking a commitment to your teammates can possibly appear.

We knew there was no chance Anderson was coming back next year, so I guess this just gives the team a chance -- stop me if you've heard this one before -- to give some younger guys a look.