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AUDIO: CougCenter interview with SMU writer Steve Lansdale

Ready or not, it's time to look ahead to SMU this weekend with our weekly opponent interview. This week, it's writer Steve Lansdale, who has 20 years experience covering the Mustangs for various publications.

The interview is quite long -- about 40 minutes -- but there is so much good stuff in there, you will feel like you've been watching SMU all season. We talk about the Mustangs' 2-0 start (and whether it's "for real"), how June Jones is changing the culture around there, SMU's offensive weapons, defensive schemes and just what a win over the Cougs would mean. (Not to spoil it, but it would be a pretty big deal.)

Listen, and impress your friends and family members with your knowledge of the players on the field! (If you're going to be at the game, that is, since it won't be on TV.)

As usual, if you've missed any of our past podcasts, you can listen to them via the player below or visit our podcast page.