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Wednesday's positivity post

You know, this would be so much easier if bad news didn't keep coming out.

The third positive I took away from Saturday? Perhaps the easiest call of all: Running back James Montgomery.

Montgomery -- did you know that he transferred to WSU from Cal? -- gained 118 yards on 17 carries against Hawaii, and is now 16th nationally in all-purpose yards. He's been everything we could have hoped for, and then some, displaying quickness and an ability to make defenders miss, but also an ability to initiate contact when a move simply won't do the trick.

To underscore Montgomery's toughness, consider that he's running with a banged up knee that required 55 cc's (about two ounces) of fluid to be drained out of it in the days after the game. But I guess you'll do that when you haven't played any meaningful football in over a year. You can listen to him talk about it himself in this interview with Ian Furness today.

Paul Wulff has said Montgomery will start on Saturday if he's healed enough to go. Because, while Dwight Tardy is good, Montgomery is better, and we need all the help we can get to beat SMU. Sad, but true.

Wait! This is the positivity post! Sorry about that.

Ladies and gentlemen ... James Montgomery, your Wednesday positivity post honoree.