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Thursday's positivity post

Well, no negative news out of the Cougar camp today, which ought to make this positivity thing a lot easier.

To find the subject's of tonight's positivity post, get out of your chair, walk to the bathroom, and look in the mirror. That's right -- it's you!

Why, you ask, would I identify you. It's simple: The fact that you're still reading this says a lot. Despite the repeated beatdowns of the past two years, you still care about this football team.

There might be apathy in terms of attendance -- after all, who wants to drive five or six hours to watch the decidedly unentertaining brand of football WSU plays -- but there's hardly apathy in terms of interest. We've seen some of our highest visit numbers as a site in the short time since the beginning of the year.

With all that, you are to be commended for your spirit.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight's winner of the positivity post: YOU!