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Dear Cougs: Please Win

With the notable exception of one game last November, these last 15 games have been rough.  Even the most hopeful of Cougs is skeptical about our chances of beating a Conference USA team.  After today, the remaining games don't look to offer any comfort.  This game against SMU might be our only chance to taste victory.

We're getting desperate here.  This a fanbase that has flown Ol' Crimson at 78 straight College Gameday sites, nearly outvoted our rival in poll that asked "who has more pride in their school" on their OWN website, and raised more money than that same significantly larger rival, just so our flag could fly atop the Space Needle.

We are full of pride, and all this losing hurts.  We need a win, any win.  Please get it done today.

Sing it Tom Tuttle: