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Tardy: Montgomery could have died

Yeah, we worry about our football team and how injuries like James Montgomery's will impact us on the field. But the reality is that Montgomery could have lost his leg over this injury -- or his life.

Via Howie Stalwick in The News Tribune this morning:

Close friend Dwight Tardy, a senior running back, said team doctor Ed Tingstad told him Montgomery "probably could have died" if a Sunday morning operation had been delayed too long. A wait of one to two hours might have led to amputation, Tardy said Tingstad told him.

"He (Tingstad) was pretty rattled and shook up," Tardy said. "He started crying."

Trainer Bill Drake confirmed the gravity of Montgomery’s injury, adding, "There’s a lot of good news right now. His leg is saved."

I'm guessing Tingstad doesn't cry very much in his capacity as a surgeon. If you read up on acute compartment syndrome, you'll understand why the emotional reaction.

At this point, no one knows if Montgomery will ever be able to play football again. It will be six to 12 months before there's any indication, as the muscle might end up permanently damaged. I would guess if the injury takes him well into next season that he might be up for a medical hardship exemption from the NCAA.

But that's pretty secondary at this point. We all should just be thankful that Montgomery escaped from this with his leg -- and life -- intact, thanks to Montgomery going directly to the hospital and the quick work of Tingstad.

It's one thing to lose guys to ankle sprains and broken bones. But paralysis from car accidents and fluke bruises that require surgery to stave off amputation? Does this garbage happen to anyone else?

Please, no more.