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Wulff: "Marshall is our starting quarterback."

Per Grippi:

I asked Paul Wulff afterward if Tuel goes into the week as the No. 1 quarterback. "Oh boy," Wulff said. "I wouldn’t say that. Marshall is very key for this football team. He didn’t start off real hot, but he can play a lot better than he did today. So right now I would say Marshall is our starting quarterback. At the same time, we have to evaluate the film and go from there." Which means there won’t be a decision until tomorrow at the earliest.

This is really hard to understand.  There is no doubt that Tuel is the most talented quarterback on the roster. Marshall was just awful last night and it was pretty much on par with anything he has ever done at WSU. He is an immobile, inaccurate quarterback.  Not sure what else Wulff is expecting to get from him. 

I can only assume that he wants to protect Marshall's feelings.  He doesn't want to make an immediate post-game declaration announcing Tuel as the starter and effectively telling Marshall "You suck."

If Wulff continues to start Marshall the rest of the season, then why did he burn Tuel's redshirt?  Play the kid!  There is no going back now!  Lobbestael is not the future for WSU.  Playing Lobbestael serves no purpose. Tuel is not only younger but he is a better quarterback.  Hopefully when Wulff evaluates the film he changes his mind and starts the right guy for Oregon.