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I can't wait

First, make sure you read Nuss' post below if you're new to the concept of the GameThread. And remember Coug Nation, because it updates automatically, you don't have to refresh every five seconds. This makes it about 1,000 times more enjoyable than most forum threads.

Probably not so noticeably absent from the GameThread will be yours truly; as I'll be at the game. (I will be tweeting (twittering? twitting?) though at

It's kind of a changing of the guard for me. In 1997, a Dad took his son to a couple of games in what would become a dream season for WSU. I remember it was fun. Cold. Worth the hour and a half drive that seemed like ages then, but feels like nothing now. Two thoughts come to mind. First, I can't believe how good the Cougs were then. Second: My goodness that seems like a long time ago now. Since then, I've finished high school, college, professional school, gotten married... what the heck happened to me?

Anyway, it's twelve years later now, and I get to return the favor. It's great. Kind of weird, but definitely worth it.

The crazy thing is it's just as exciting now as it was when I was a kid. I've developed an unexpected love of college sports in those years, despite common sense and the fact that the NCAA is one of the most evil, money-grubbing monopolies in the entire business world. It's perplexing, but it's also been really rewarding.

Enjoy this. It's the most wonderful time of the year - early fall in Pullman, where it's sunny and warm during the day, and cool but not cold in the evenings. The students are back, the RVs are back, college football is back.

It's about time.