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A view of the Stanford loss ... from the other side

Remember Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News, the guy who helped us get a first look at Stanford? Yeah, he's considerably less impressed with the WSU effort than we were:

A 26-point road victory would warrant an A+ if it came against any other team. But the Cougars, abominable last year, will be considered not-quite-abominable this year on the Hotline until proven otherwise.

Other than having two decent tailbacks, they’re so devoid of talent, speed and experience — by my count, six defensive starters did not play last season — that they cannot expose any weaknesses in their opponent, can’t apply pressure on any particular unit.

Stanford must be extremely wary of gaining a false sense of security.

And then, this gem:

For WSU, with its second-rate talent and third-rate quarterback, to move the ball as well as it did (350 yards) does not bode well for Stanford against real teams.

So ... tell us how you really feel!

Truly, though, it's hard to argue with his assessment. It just sucks to hear it put so plainly, you know?