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Uni Watch Update: Basketball

The Crimzon ZZU, the officially official WSU basketball blog, has a gallery up where after a few clicks you can see the new men's basketball uniforms.

I wish I had time to screen capture a picture or two, and write a more detailed review, but I don't right now. The day after Memorial Day and the day after Labor Day are the two biggest volume days of the year for the pharmacy, and I have to make a living somehow. And despite our best efforts, the wheels fell off after 5:30 p.m., because, hey, why not bring that new prescription in during rush hour on one of the busiest days of the year. Two quick things to educate you out there, so that your pharmacist doesn't hate you.

1. Have your doctor or nurse PHONE (not fax) in the prescription before you leave the office, and have them tell us you're on the way so that we expedite the process.

2. Screaming obscenities at your pharmacist, incredibly, does not get the job finished any quicker or get you moved ahead in line. Your Vicodin prescription is not an emergency, or else you should be in an... (wait for it) EMERGENCY ROOM. [shoots self]

Back to the unis.

My quick reaction: I hate the collars, love everything else. I normally hate putting two word names (e.g. Washington State) above the numbers. It always looks better when you have one name above the numbers and one below like North Carolina. But, if you're going to do it, Nike did the best job of it I've ever seen. Now, the backs of the jerseys are a little to0 plain for my liking, but overall not bad. I'm not a big fan of the Coug head on the upper right of the front; gives the jersey a practice jersey feel. Same with the collar, which just plain sucks.

The shorts are awesome. Nike just suckered me into buying a home, away, and maybe even an alternate pair for my own use. Jerks.

Speaking of a potential alternate, I'm hoping there is one. And I'm hoping it is gray. But, by the looks of the new warm-ups, I have a sneaking suspicion Nike might just pull out a black-out on us. It would still look a heck of a lot better than, say, Oregon, but I miss having a gray jersey at home. It's something that would be unique, represent the school, and look classy.

The jury is still out on the roads, since we may not see those for a while. I'm hoping the trim is predominately gray and not white. Either way, it should still look pretty good. At least Nike took the time to get the colors right, which did not happen with our maroon-and-gray women's gear.

Now back to your regularly scheduled normal sports content on CougCenter.