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AUDIO: Wulff's press conference

We are determined to kill you with content today! I swear, this has been our busiest day since that day which shall not be named back in March. I guess that's what happens when you have a quarterback controversy, a player arrest and a uniform sneak preview all on the same day.

As promised earlier, here's a little more. We've worked out the kinks with the WSU sports information department, and are now able to bring you Paul Wulff's press conference today in its entirety. It's about 12 minutes worth. Topics covered include the big plays given up, the quarterback battle, and Hawaii.

In case you were wondering, yes -- we'll be bringing you the conference every week. And, this isn't the end of the audio this week; in addition to our normal podcast (which we'll bring to you again on Friday), we've done an interview with Stephen Tsai of the Honolulu Advertiser. It's awesome, and will hit the site sometime in the morning.