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A great take on Norrell

I tire of some of Cougfan's stuff sometimes because of the rah-rah nature of a lot of it -- Are you a news site or a booster site? Make up your mind! -- but this piece by Barry Bolton on Kevin Norrell's dismissal is exceptional and worth a read. It's the kind of piece you should pass on to those who aren't WSU fans and are wondering just what they heck is going on in Pullman.

My favorite passage:

Norrell has been in Pullman more than a year now, and he's his own man. And he has a choice to make now.

He can grow up, stick his nose in the books, earn back the trust of his teammates and coaches and go on to greater heights. Or he can play the victim, put on the martyr's hat and leave, loudly beating a path out of town, as some former Cougars have under Wulff after their actions lost them the privilege of playing for and at Washington State.

If it's the former, no one will root for him harder than me; most everyone needs a second chance at some point in their life and this could be, when he looks back, the major positive turning point in his life. If it's the latter, that's a shame. Not for Wazzu. For Kevin Norrell.

I could not agree more. Well done, Cougfan.