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Game charts and awards


SBN Ducks vs Cougars recap

If you want a statistical reason for why we lost, it's almost entirely because Tajuan Porter had a hot night shooting the three, and we didn't. Hence the eFG% difference. Of course I refuse to believe we actually lost this game. Well, I'll concede that we lost it. Just not fairly.

Player of the Game: DeAngelo Casto. Double-double with 15 points and 12 boards. After getting worked in the first half by Michael Dunigan, D came back and battled hard in the second half, taking control of the matchup and helping the Cougs back into the game.

Unsung Hero: Xavier Thames. Not really unsung - he was the only Cougar who could consistently make a jumper. 11 points on 4 of 5 shooting. Honorable mention to Nik Koprivica for his 9 rebounds and 11 points.

Play of the Game: The Casto lay-in that would have won the game had it not been officiated by a group of brainless hacks.

It was over when... The Cougs inexplicably let Malcolm Armstead drive the length of the floor for a lay-in (and one) at the end of the second OT.

Stat of the Game: The Cougs were 3 of 16 from beyond the arc.