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Pac-10 refs call great moments in history

Given today's news about Pac-12 director of basketball officiating Ed Rush, we figured we'd resurrect this classic from a few years ago.


Mike Littlewood: "Rule 4(a)(vii) Section 6 of the rulebook clearly states that if the brain or any part of the brain leaves its designated area (the head) and encroaches onto the playing surface, a technical foul shall be assessed. Since the car was moving forward at the time, and not stopped, we had no choice but to enforce the rule. My crew and I were ultimately correct in awarding 86% career free throw shooter Lee Harvey Oswald two foul shots with 0.3 seconds remaining."


"Personal foul... Unnecessary roughness, on the Allies... 15 yards from the spot of the foul. First Down!"


"After further review, there is no foul on the play. First down, white team."


"Not Guilty"


"An indirect technical foul has been assessed on the colonists for throwing tea overboard. The British will receive two foul shots and possession of the ball."


"Unsportsmanlike conduct."


"A technical foul has been assessed for excessive celebration."


"Rule 43(b) Section 5 Code 17 XVI clearly states that a player may not rise from the dead and re-enter the playing surface."