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AUDIO: CougCenter Podcast, Episode 21

As I uploaded the podcast tonight, only one thought kept swimming through my head.

Oh my gosh, I really, really hope I caught all the bad stuff and edited it out.

This was a podcast episode pretty much unlike any other we've done, perhaps a little more on the lighter side of what you've become used to getting from us. The three of us had a heck of a lot of fun making it, and while we think it's pretty funny, we all are in agreement that we're not really sure if you're going to find it funny as well because we spent a decent portion of it just being goofy. We also had some gaffes in the process, which is why I'm hoping my keen editing skills caught them all.

Anyway, we hope you like it. After we get done discussing the merits of having a drink before we start recording (see what I mean?), we spend the first part of the show talking about the zoo that is USC football right now, then move into the ASU game, an (inadvertent) look back at the Oregon screw job game, the Cal and Stanford games this weekend, and probably a bunch of other stuff that I can't think of right now. We more or less just let it flow.

Like I said, we had fun. Hopefully you do, too.

As usual you can listen to the audio via the player below, or visit our podcast page for myriad ways to subscribe to all of our audio, including podcasts. You can also find us in the iTunes directory under keyword "CougCenter." The advantage of subscribing? Besides having the audio directly delivered to your player of choice, I often upload the audio to the podcast site before posting it here.