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Postgame Thread: We lost and it wasn't all his fault.

UCLA outplayed us today.  Reeves Nelson dominated us in the post no matter WHO was guarding him.  Klay struggled to get good shots and gave the ball away too often.  We thought the game would turn for the Cougs in the second half, but UCLA stepped up the defensive intensity and executed on offense.

Also, let's stop the Charlie bashing.  I know I have been more guilty than most, but like BigWood said in the gamethread, it is getting old.

We all know he isn't that great, but he is playing.  I'm sure none of us would turn down the opportunity to play significant minutes for a Pac 10 team.

It is probably our first meme, and I'm killing it right now.  No more Charlie bashing!  This doesn't mean you can't show disgust at a certain play while watching the game, but blaming this entire loss on Charlie is completely ridiculous.  There are a lot of players who contributed.