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AUDIO: Ken Bone press conference, 1-5-10

Here's the audio from Ken Bone after the weekend's "split"* with the Oregon schools. It's just under 13 minutes long, and I won't take the time to give you a preview of the topics, since A) I only have a few minutes, and B) You can get that info here via Grippi.

* Gosh darn it, I just can't bring myself to remove those quotation marks -- man, I need to get over this. You should have seen the way I raked Andy Katz over the coals on Twitter today for this stupid piece. I mean, I know news travels slow out of the west coast to the rest of the country, but holy crap. People need to actually do a little work before just blindly passing along the party line. Just because Oregon's coach and the conference's officials say something is so doesn't make it so. Be better than that. Anyway, sorry. Friday cannot get here fast enough for me so that I've got more to talk about.

Here's the audio, which you also can find at our podcast page. You can find myriad subscription options there -- as well as our other podcast audio -- but if you're interested in just subscribing through iTunes, all you need to do is click this link.