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What kind of Pac-10 bizarro world are we living in this morning?

Just to recap last night's Pac-10 action:

  • Cal lost at home to UCLA in overtime. That's bizarre enough, but even more bizarre is that the Bruins played a 2-3 zone for much of the game -- including the final 10 minutes of regulation and overtime -- against a team that has Jerome Randle (37 of 84 from 3, 44 percent) and Theo Robertson (7 of 15 -- in seven games -- from 3, 46.7 percent). I dare any other Pac-10 team to try that again and live to tell about it. But for whatever reason, it worked last night.

    (By the way, for all the pub that the cold shooting has gotten, the real culprit for the Bears was the numerous defensive breakdowns down the stretch of regulation and in overtime. When you're not scoring a ton of points, a team simply has to be able to rely on its defense. Cal couldn't last night. My guess is this will be an enormous teachable moment for Mike Montgomery.)
  • Oregon State lost by a combined 11 points on the road to UW and WSU, and then lost at home by 51 points to Seattle University. You know, the Seattle University that wasn't even a Division I basketball school two years ago. And, by the way, Charles Garcia played only 15 minutes in the blowout win for the Redhawks.

    Cameron Dollar is doing a nice job over there, but this is the same team that lost by 21 in its previous game to a good-but-not-great Harvard team at KeyArena. It sure looks to me like the Beavers are a team that has lost its way in terms of confidence and identity. Maybe they'll find some motivation against the Ducks.
  • USC lost by a point on the road at Stanford. This shouldn't be wholly shocking, given the news earlier this week that the Trojans are ineligible for the postseason. Still, it was unexpected. 
  • There is now one undefeated team left in the Pac-10. Which shouldn't be undefeated.

Trying to figure out what's going to happen in this league night to night is an exercise in futility. Perhaps we should just stop and enjoy the drama. I know I enjoyed watching it unfold last night.