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POSTGAME THREAD: This is how it's supposed to be done

Well, this sure feels good.

The simple answer to the outcome of this game involves taking care of the ball in the second half and being purposeful and relentless in attacking the rim.

The only thing stopping the Cougs all game was themselves; they scored 35 points in the first half with 10 turnovers, but 43 in the second half with only six. Additionally, Arizona had absolutely no defensive answer for the penetration of the Cougs -- Reggie Moore got to the line 14 times himself.

Of course, as we're learning with this team, nothing's really that simple. After watching us blow leads late against LSU, Oregon and now Arizona, I'm fairly confident in saying that there is perhaps no worse team in the country with a lead late than us. I'm not sure what it is, as it seems to be a combination of quasi-breakdowns on defense and superlative individual efforts. Whatever it is, it's something that needs to be shored up.

Regardless, this is big, as any win on the road in the Pac-10 is. The Arizona team has proven it can play with a lot of people -- including whipping UCLA in Pauley last weekend -- and beating them in such a hostile environment with such a young team speaks volumes. This is why you schedule nonconference games at Gonzaga and Kansas State. (Take note, Washington, as you crap your pants again on the road tonight.)

Beat ASU on Sunday, and the start of this Pac-10 season is an unmitigated success -- bad Oregon result or not.