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In case you were wondering

Although the NCAA has now stated that the referees in the Oregon game misapplied the rules, there appears to have been no formal penalties levied by the Pac-10 against at least two of the three members of the crew that worked the game.

Mike LIttlewood, who was the crew chief and had the greatest opportunity to make sure the correct call was made -- and also the guy who lied about the circumstances of the call postgame -- worked Washington/ASU last night, while Tony Padilla worked UCLA/Cal on Wednesday.

The only referee who didn't work the Wednesday/Friday round of games this week is Bruce Hicks, who did work USC/ASU the day after New Years. It's unclear if this is due to any penalty levied by the conference. It's also unknown if he worked either of tonight's games.

UPDATE: Hicks worked USC/Cal on Saturday night. There might have been a one-game penalty, but we'll never know -- it's not completely uncommon for a guy to only work one half of the weekend's action.

Just thought you might like to know.