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A Referendum On Paul Wulff And The Program He Inherited In One Play

Ready for something a little happier? I know I am. So how about this brief little bit of analysis.

If you watched the game, you distinctly remember the strip of LaMichael James by C.J. Mizell as James raced down the sideline. If you didn't, you can watch it at the 12:00 mark in the highlight video from Sean Hawkins at the WSU Football Blog below.

Ore@WSUHighlights_2010 (via sedihawk)

One thing struck me more than any other in watching that play on Saturday. Maybe you can figure out what it was from this recounting of how the play went down:

  1. True freshman safety Deone Bucannon cuts down James' angle to force him back inside.
  2. True freshman middle linebacker Mizell chases James down from behind and forces the fumble.
  3. Redshirt freshman outside linebacker Sekope Kaufusi leaps over Mizell and James to pounce on the loose ball.
  4. The only other guy even in the neighborhood? True freshman cornerback Damante Horton.
Of all the plays on Saturday that got me excited, this one took the cake. These are three guys who weren't even on the field last year -- two of whom weren't even in the program -- yet here they are, making an outstanding play on a Heisman Trophy candidate because of athleticism and attitude. Two years ago, that's a touchdown. Heck, that was probably a touchdown two weeks ago.

It says something (loudly) that these three were the guys to make this play. The guys making those plays are supposed to be juniors and seniors -- not three freshmen. You can interpret this any way you want, but the bottom line is that the vast majority of the most talented players in the program are guys who have been brought in over the past two recruiting classes. 

The future is bright, people. Enjoy it.