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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Death to the BCS Edition

Today, the most anticipated book of 2010 (for me, anyway, and keep in mind I don't really have time for fiction) comes out. That book is Death to the BCS, a manifesto of sorts for the 90% of college sports fans who want to do away with the unfair, inappropriate and corrupt Bowl Championship Series. It's written by veteran sports reporters Jeff Passan, Dan Wetzel and Josh Peter. An excerpt of their free excerpt:

We discovered an ocean of corruption: sophisticated scams, mind-numbing waste, and naked political deals — enough to prove that the confused excuses spat out by the suits in charge and regurgitated by their well-paid public relations people are empty drivel. While the sleaze should be enough to cause the death of the BCS, it’s simply emblematic of a long battle best represented by two men. One stands for common sense and the possibilities the great game can offer. The other is about protecting the one-sided system that enriches and empowers the very few who led college football into this morass, even as it runs counter to their teams’ competitive interests.

You’ve heard of the first. His name is Joe Paterno. He’s the eighty-three-year-old icon who, after sixty-one seasons coaching at Penn State, the last forty-five as head coach, is as steadfast a proponent of a playoff as ever. He is us. He is you. He is everyone whose gag reflex engages upon the mere thought of how college football crowns its national champion.

You might not have heard of the other. His name is Jim Delany. He’s the balding, sixty-two-year-old former assistant district attorney who is the commissioner of Penn State’s conference, the Big Ten. He is one of the most powerful people in college athletics. His influence far outweighs that of even the NCAA president, because Delany belongs to the group that hijacked college football and refuses to let go.

Paterno may be the king of the sport, but Delany is the ayatollah, speaking the word of God.

And that word is no.

If you're a fan of college football, you should be a fan of this book. It exposes the lies, hypocrisy and corruption that keep the BCS afloat even though a college playoff system would likely be even more profitable. Hard to believe that a large number of public institutions still buy into something like this.

Moos molds big wish list for Martin Stadium - Vince Grippi, S-R

"We need to address facilities on our campus that are going to attract top talent," Moos said. "It’s been my experience that is the formula that works best to build a solid program."

Game week news and notes: Arizona vs. WSU - Brian Floyd, SBN Seattle (synergy!)

This is your official thread for SBN stories centering around this weekend's matchup.

WSU Football Friday on Thursday - WSU Football Blog

I do believe we'll be able to hang with them, again in a similarity to the Oregon game.  I think Jeff Tuel will top 300 yards passing and probably get a couple, maybe even three TD passes.  But alas, the defense is going to have trouble slowing down this passing attack that is the best in the Pac-10.

Jerome Harrison Traded to Eagles -

Some mild relief for my fantasy team's ailing rushing attack:

Running back Jerome Harrison, a consenus All-American at Washington State and a record-breaker last season with the Cleveland Browns despite limited playing time, has been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, reports Harrison has been swapped for Mike Bell.